Source code for jsonargparse.deprecated

"""Deprecated code."""

import functools
import inspect
import os
from enum import Enum
from typing import Any, Dict, Set
from .namespace import Namespace
from .optionals import import_docstring_parser, get_config_read_mode, set_config_read_mode
from .typehints import ActionTypeHint
from .typing import path_type, restricted_number_type, registered_types
from .util import is_subclass, warning

__all__ = [

shown_deprecation_warnings: Set[Any] = set()

class JsonargparseDeprecationWarning(DeprecationWarning):

def deprecation_warning(component, message):
    env_var = os.environ.get('JSONARGPARSE_DEPRECATION_WARNINGS', '').lower()
    show_warnings = env_var != 'off'
    all_warnings = env_var == 'all'
    if show_warnings and (component not in shown_deprecation_warnings or all_warnings):
        if len(shown_deprecation_warnings) == 0 and not all_warnings:
                By default only one JsonargparseDeprecationWarning per type is shown. To see
                all warnings set environment variable JSONARGPARSE_DEPRECATION_WARNINGS=all
                and to disable the warnings set JSONARGPARSE_DEPRECATION_WARNINGS=off.
        warning(message, JsonargparseDeprecationWarning, stacklevel=3)

def deprecated(message):

    def deprecated_decorator(component):
        warning = '\n\n.. warning::\n    ' + message + '\n'
        component.__doc__ = ('' if component.__doc__ is None else component.__doc__) + warning

        if inspect.isclass(component):
            def init_wrap(self, *args, **kwargs):
                deprecation_warning(component, message)
                self._original_init(*args, **kwargs)

            component._original_init = component.__init__
            component.__init__ = init_wrap
            decorated = component

            def decorated(*args, **kwargs):
                deprecation_warning(component, message)
                return component(*args, **kwargs)

        return decorated

    return deprecated_decorator

def parse_as_dict_patch():
    """Adds parse_as_dict support to ArgumentParser as a patch.

    This is a temporal backward compatible support for parse_as_dict to have
    cleaner code in v4.0.0 and warn users about the deprecation and future
    from .core import ArgumentParser
    assert not hasattr(ArgumentParser, '_unpatched_init')

    message = """
    ``parse_as_dict`` parameter was deprecated in v4.0.0 and will be removed in
    v5.0.0. After removal, the parse_*, dump, save and instantiate_classes
    methods will only return Namespace and/or accept Namespace objects. If
    needed for some use case, config objects can be converted to a nested dict
    using the Namespace.as_dict method.

    # Patch __init__
    def patched_init(self, *args, parse_as_dict: bool = False, **kwargs):
        self._parse_as_dict = parse_as_dict
        if parse_as_dict:
            deprecation_warning(patched_init, message)
        self._unpatched_init(*args, **kwargs)

    ArgumentParser._unpatched_init = ArgumentParser.__init__
    ArgumentParser.__init__ = patched_init

    from typing import Union

    # Patch parse methods
    def patch_parse_method(method_name):
        unpatched_method_name = '_unpatched_'+method_name

        def patched_parse(self, *args, _skip_check: bool = False, **kwargs) -> Union[Namespace, Dict[str, Any]]:
            parse_method = getattr(self, unpatched_method_name)
            cfg = parse_method(*args, _skip_check=_skip_check, **kwargs)
            return cfg.as_dict() if self._parse_as_dict and not _skip_check else cfg

        setattr(ArgumentParser, unpatched_method_name, getattr(ArgumentParser, method_name))
        setattr(ArgumentParser, method_name, patched_parse)


    # Patch instantiate_classes
    def patched_instantiate_classes(self, cfg: Union[Namespace, Dict[str, Any]], **kwargs) -> Union[Namespace, Dict[str, Any]]:
        if isinstance(cfg, dict):
            cfg = self._apply_actions(cfg)
        cfg = self._unpatched_instantiate_classes(cfg, **kwargs)
        return cfg.as_dict() if self._parse_as_dict else cfg

    ArgumentParser._unpatched_instantiate_classes = ArgumentParser.instantiate_classes
    ArgumentParser.instantiate_classes = patched_instantiate_classes

    # Patch dump
    def patched_dump(self, cfg: Union[Namespace, Dict[str, Any]], *args, **kwargs) -> str:
        if isinstance(cfg, dict):
            cfg = self.parse_object(cfg, _skip_check=True)
        return self._unpatched_dump(cfg, *args, **kwargs)

    ArgumentParser._unpatched_dump = ArgumentParser.dump
    ArgumentParser.dump = patched_dump

    # Patch save
    def patched_save(self, cfg: Union[Namespace, Dict[str, Any]], *args, multifile: bool = True, **kwargs) -> None:
        if multifile and isinstance(cfg, dict):
            cfg = self.parse_object(cfg, _skip_check=True)
        return self._unpatched_save(cfg, *args, multifile=multifile, **kwargs)

    ArgumentParser._unpatched_save = = patched_save

    instantiate_subclasses was deprecated in v4.0.0 and will be removed in v5.0.0.
def instantiate_subclasses(self, cfg: Namespace) -> Namespace:
    """Calls instantiate_classes with instantiate_groups=False.

        cfg: The configuration object to use.

        A configuration object with all subclasses instantiated.
    return self.instantiate_classes(cfg, instantiate_groups=False)

def instantiate_subclasses_patch():
    from .core import ArgumentParser
    ArgumentParser.instantiate_subclasses = instantiate_subclasses

[docs]@deprecated(""" ActionEnum was deprecated in v3.9.0 and will be removed in v5.0.0. Enums now should be given directly as a type as explained in :ref:`enums`. """) class ActionEnum: """An action based on an Enum that maps to-from strings and enum values."""
[docs] def __init__(self, **kwargs): if 'enum' in kwargs: if not is_subclass(kwargs['enum'], Enum): raise ValueError('Expected enum to be an subclass of Enum.') self._type = kwargs['enum'] else: raise ValueError('Expected enum keyword argument.')
[docs] def __call__(self, *args, **kwargs): return ActionTypeHint(typehint=self._type)(**kwargs)
[docs]@deprecated(""" ActionOperators was deprecated in v3.0.0 and will be removed in v5.0.0. Now types should be used as explained in :ref:`restricted-numbers`. """) class ActionOperators: """Action to restrict a value with comparison operators."""
[docs] def __init__(self, **kwargs): if 'expr' in kwargs: restrictions = [kwargs['expr']] if isinstance(kwargs['expr'], tuple) else kwargs['expr'] register_key = (tuple(sorted(restrictions)), kwargs.get('type', int), kwargs.get('join', 'and')) if register_key in registered_types: self._type = registered_types[register_key] else: self._type = restricted_number_type(None, kwargs.get('type', int), kwargs['expr'], kwargs.get('join', 'and')) else: raise ValueError('Expected expr keyword argument.')
[docs] def __call__(self, *args, **kwargs): return ActionTypeHint(typehint=self._type)(**kwargs)
[docs]@deprecated(""" ActionPath was deprecated in v3.11.0 and will be removed in v5.0.0. Paths now should be given directly as a type as explained in :ref:`parsing-paths`. """) class ActionPath: """Action to check and store a path."""
[docs] def __init__( self, mode: str, skip_check: bool = False, ): self._type = path_type(mode, skip_check=skip_check)
[docs] def __call__(self, *args, **kwargs): return ActionTypeHint(typehint=self._type)(**kwargs)
[docs]@deprecated(""" set_url_support was deprecated in v3.12.0 and will be removed in v5.0.0. Optional config read modes should now be set using function set_config_read_mode. """) def set_url_support(enabled:bool): """Enables/disables URL support for config read mode.""" set_config_read_mode( urls_enabled=enabled, fsspec_enabled=True if 's' in get_config_read_mode() else False, )
cli_return_parser_message = """ The return_parser parameter was deprecated in v4.5.0 and will be removed in v5.0.0. Instead of this use function capture_parser. """ logger_property_none_message = """ Setting the logger property to None was deprecated in v4.10.0 and will raise an exception in v5.0.0. Use False instead. """ env_prefix_property_none_message = """ Setting the env_prefix property to None was deprecated in v4.11.0 and will raise an exception in v5.0.0. Use True instead. """ @deprecated(""" Only use the public API as described in Keeping import_docstring_parse function as deprecated only to provide backward compatibility with old versions of pytorch-lightning. Will be removed in v5.0.0. """) def import_docstring_parse(importer): return import_docstring_parser(importer).parse import jsonargparse.optionals jsonargparse.optionals.import_docstring_parse = import_docstring_parse # type: ignore